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Ran Kenden Benda [ Cm - 4/4 ]

Artist : Nanda Malani
|- |- |Bb|- |
|G#|- |Cm|- |

Cm               G                Bb Bb7 Cm
Ran kenden benda  athegili ekkala a..darayai
Cm       Fm                 Eb         Bb   Cm
 Pem rehenin benda sithum wasanga kala adarayai

|Cm|Bb|- |Cm|
|- |- |- |Bb|
|- |G#|- |Cm|
|- |Fm|- |Eb|
|- |Bb|- |Cm|

[Verse 1]
C                  Bb
 Kiriliya sea dura  piyasalaalaa
Aththatu ridhuna pamanayi
                 G        Cm
Deala widaa hala deatha mage
Eb      Bb        Cm
 Obatath  ohutath urumayi
            G                 Cm
Hiru sandhu ekawara depasa neage
         Bb     G         Cm
Kaluwara ei wijithayama mage

Contributor : Nuwan (CT) (

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