Paya Ei Hinehenne [ Dm - 4/4 ]

Artist : H.R. Jothipala
Dm      C      Dm
Paya ei hinahenne
Dm          C     Bb
nil guwane tharu rashee
Bb         Gm         F     C
aethivee nethiveenam aege muhune
C       Bb       Dm
nilwan denethe kanthi

[Verse 1]
Aege watha mata nopene nam
C   Dm
pun sanda aei hinahennee....//
C                   Bb
nethi daa aehe gee rawe
C            Bb   Dm
koulani aei gee geyuwe
 Gm          C   Dm
koulani aei gee geyuwe

Contributor : Nuwan (CT) (

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